Frosinone-Salernitana 3-0, the report cards: Soule-Brescianini at the top. Yet another grenade disaster

Final result: Frosinone-Salernitana 3-0

FROSINONE (edited by Luca Esposito)

Turati 6 – He doesn’t have to make any interventions, when Vignato beats him there is the assistant’s flag that saves him. From 45′ st Cerofolini 6 – He lets a ball escape from his hand and only Salernitana’s inaccuracy saves him.

Lirola 6 – He’s out due to injury, it doesn’t seem like anything serious. On some occasions he gets caught from behind by the insertions of the Granata wingers, but when he plays positionally he is more effective. From 70′ Bonifazi sv.

Romagnoli 6 – Definitely the best in the defensive department. Don’t let the final 3-0 fool you, because in the second half it was a monologue from Salernitana and his teammates made several mistakes. Passed under the radar because the most expert always made a difference.

Okoli 6 – Very positive first half from a player looking for the necessary continuity of performances. Coulibaly’s two long-range attempts are blocked by the sender. In the second half he lowers his guard and almost makes a big mistake on Ikwuemesi. The referee calls a foul in his favor. And Di Francesco replaces him. From 80′ Monterisi sv.

Zortea 7 – Strangely nervous at the start, when he also gets a yellow for an elbow against Bradaric. He misses a couple of readings and, for a short time, Gomis doesn’t reopen the game. In the final, however, he scored the 3-0 goal which allowed Frosinone to close the match. Scored as a former player for the second time against Salernitana.

Barrenechea 6 – Very orderly match to protect the defense, when possible he takes the field and tries to participate in the maneuver without overdoing it.

Mazzitelli 6 – He is not yet at the sensational levels of the beginning of the season, he is aware of this and manages himself intelligently by measuring his energy. Sufficient proof.

Valeri 6.5 – If he wasn’t particularly effective in the defensive phase and needs to work, in the push phase he managed to create several problems for Salernitana by winning the duel with Sambia and Pierozzi.

Soulè 7 – He hadn’t scored for three months and it wasn’t easy to appear on the spot after the mistake in Napoli. This time, however, he displaces Costil and allows his teammates to immediately unblock it and put it downhill. High quality shots.

Brescianini 7 – He scored the 2-0 goal by taking advantage of a collective error by the Granata rearguard, a diagonal shot that was uncatchable for the goalkeeper. He runs for four and, in suffering, is always ready to lend a hand by doubling the scoring.

Cheddira 5.5 – The least brilliant of his team, on some occasions he could start again in an open field but often makes the final choice wrong. Imprecise even in front of goal. From 80′ Cuni sv.

Eusebio Di Francesco 6.5 – On other occasions, paradoxically, his team did better and collected little. Good approach, then a second half with several defensive difficulties. It is the result, however, that counts.

SALERNITANA (edited by Luca Esposito)

Costil 5.5 – He is the goalkeeper, statistics in hand, with the lowest percentage of successful interventions. In fact, Frosinone shoots three times on target and scores as many goals, as had already happened against Bologna and Sassuolo.

Pierozzi 5 – Once again he starts as a left winger by trade. He suffers a lot from Valeri’s speed and is unable to take measures. Then he is warned and remains in the locker room. From 45’st Pasalidis 5 – He certainly couldn’t be the one to change the face of the race. Too many useless long balls.

Fazio 5.5 – If he goes one-on-one with Soulè and Cheddira he risks doing damage, in terms of speed there would be no match. And so he plays a lot of position, also making some good interventions. In the final he comes close to scoring the flag.

Pyrola 4.5 – An absolutely negative return round for the Granata defender, from a certain capital gain to a player who is not part of the technical plans. Late on Brescianini, he also leaves too much space for Zortea who takes aim and makes it 3-0.

Sambia 4.5 – Never a starter, with none of the many coaches who have been on the Granata bench in this two-year period. Not even having time to start the match which concedes a penalty to Frosinone for a naive and avoidable hold. From the 60th minute Zanoli 5 – At least he puts in a little sparkle when he pushes to the right.

Coulibaly 5 – He puts it on Gomis’ foot, an assist to the kiss that his teammate is unable to turn into the easiest of goals. The only glimpse of a bad evening, peppered with many superficial errors and constant suffering in one-on-one situations.

Basic 5.5 – Another insufficient match for the midfielder owned by Lazio. You can see that he has quality, but he is often removed from the game and acts too far from the opponent’s goal.

Bradaric 6 – It’s true that he lacks precision in his crosses and often hits the yellow-blue wall. However, he has the merit of racing to the end and putting in a lot of effort.

Vineyard 5 – It was the big chance from the first minute after a series of consecutive benches, however he appears impalpable and too scholastic in all his plays. From the 65th minute Gomis 4.5 – He only stands out for an error with an empty net, an episode that could have reopened the match.

Tchaouna 5 – An elegant heel stop, some nice verticalization for Ikwuemesi and nothing else. Perhaps it is premature to talk about “predestined”, given that he often struggled even in his experience with the Salernitana shirt.

Ikwuemesi 5 – A little more in terms of movement, a goal is disallowed and he comes close to scoring twice.

Stefano Colantuono 5 – Heavy, exaggerated result. He is certainly not responsible for the relegation. Of course, he is losing almost all of them.