Fiorentina, be careful: Italiano opens up to new possibilities and meets Torino

Vincenzo Italiano to the Turin it was never a simple hypothesis. According to what was revealed in today’s edition of Corriere dello Sportthe contacts between the coach of Florentine and the Granata club have been there and still are, thanks to the Sicilian’s expiring contract which would be renewed for a year and only in the event of qualification for the Europa League or victory in the Conference.

On the other hand renewal the contract with the lilies was never discussed, another condition of uncertainty which pushed the Viola coach to open the communication channels with the Toro di Cairo. The same president who exchanged a month ago messages of esteem, reciprocal, on the occasion of the last match of the championship between Fiorentina and Turin (2 March). The silence of Tuscan society remains and the hypothesis that a trophy at the end of the year could be Italiano’s farewell gift is not so remote. In the meantime he moved forward and met the Granata club.