De Paola: “Cheer up Juventus’ failure, it holds the team and locker room hostage”

TMW Radio

TO TMW Radioduring Maracanathe journalist’s time has come Paolo De Paola: “There is a conflict of interest. A coach who is bringing results to the club and can win the Italian Cup does nothing but appreciate his own work. Allegri claims his minimum result for fear of being criticized, there is a locker room held hostage and a fan base held hostage to him for years now. The team had always taken sides against the examination of the coach who always told us that Juve were weaker than Inter, he was only doing it for himself and against his team. team that wanted to be more ambitious than him.

Allegri has sealed a failure for Juventus, even if they win the Italian Cup. What do you want to demonstrate by bringing home the 15th national trophy? He safeguards jobs and image.”