Allegri one step away from the Champions League goal: “Direct clash with Milan”. Then he talks about the future

Massimiliano AllegriJuventus coach, spoke at a press conference on the eve of the big match between Juventus and Milan, valid for the 34th matchday of Serie A. Below are his most important statements.

How do we approach this match?
“It’s always Juventus-Milan, a good match to play. Milan is a strong team, well trained, with valuable players. We certainly taste it, rather than victory because we lost, by winning the final we partially achieved a objective which is the final. Now three important matches, before the final, to get the points for the Champions League.”

How is Bremer?
“Bremer had a little problem in Cagliari, he’s better now and I’ll decide in the morning. We’ve had three days to rest and we’re ready to play a good match.”

What is Juventus missing to fight for the Scudetto?
“This question must be answered by the club and those who make the transfer market. I am the coach and not the transfer market. I’m just saying that we must be focused on what to do, we have not achieved the objective of the Champions League which is very important for us. technical level, because it takes you to play in the Champions League, a Super Cup, the Italian Cup. It would be a Juventus committed on multiple fronts, beyond the championship. Then there is the economic aspect, which would help the club to have important resources we have to stay focused on what there is to do, there are 15 points up for grabs, they are scoring points behind them and we need to play a game trying to get back to winning in the league and it won’t be easy.”

How do you comment on Vlahovic’s words?
“It’s normal for him to aspire to the Ballon d’Or. Each of us must aspire to the maximum. Dusan has improved a lot since he arrived and is finding his balance even when things aren’t going well. For the role he has he must try to stay in the game, at any moment the right ball must arrive. I am very happy with this.”

How would you categorize your season with the Italian Cup victory?
“I answer very simply. They are not my exploits, but everyone’s. Of an important club, a strong team. We cannot win every year. The most important thing is that everyone at Juventus must have the ambition of obtaining the maximum and win. Then if there is someone who is better, we applaud and work to improve. When you are unable to win, especially in Italian football today, it is important for an Italian club to play in the Champions League. On an economic level it shifts the balance of a club. So this, if we managed to get to the Champions League this year, I believe that in a phase of, not revolution, of a journey that began 3 years ago, in any case Juve would not have been left out of the Champions League, which is easy when you change players and lower the level. Reaching the club’s goal at the start of the season would be a success. I’m the first one who likes to win, everyone likes it, but that’s what we need to achieve.”

Is second place your goal?
“We have a match ahead of us, which in the event of a victory will not be easy, and which could give us the opportunity to get to second place. A wonderful result and it keeps the competition alive until the end of the year. Then there is the Italian Cup , and when I said that moving forward fills the weeks, this year we couldn’t fill them, not to our demerit, because the team had finished third… we have to try to get back into the Champions League. Next season will be a beautiful season, when you play a lot competitions is very nice.”

Do you see any similarities between Juventus and Milan and between Allegri and Pioli?
“The issue of coaches is part of the game. It always happens every year. Talks about the budget? I’m a business person, I’m a coach on the pitch, but now the clubs are companies. We need to achieve the objectives, especially in Italy, where participation at the Champions League it will make your budget go away. That said: Juve must remain competitive. The challenge of the years and of Juventus, as in previous years, is to be competitive within a sustainability championship, will always start again with the aim of winning, when working at Juventus the maximum ambition must be to obtain the maximum result, this must be clear to everyone.”

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