Adani: “Roma won against Udinese in Udine and against an injustice, congratulations”

Daniele Adanithrough a story on his profile Instagram, spoke thus of the victory in Udine achieved by Roma in the last round of the championship: “I wanted to pay my heartfelt compliments to Roma, who managed the almost impossible feat of winning in 18 minutes of football, both away than at home. Away because she played in Udine against Udinese and at home because she is protected and represented in Italy, therefore in our home, the home of all of us, by the Italian football system, which in turn she represents and honors when she goes to play in Europe. For example when he makes his fifth semi-final in the last seven years.

It’s really not easy to be able to win away and at home against an opponent like Udinese and against an injustice. Heartfelt congratulations to AS Roma. Long live football!”.