A season finale to get Fiorentina back: Maxime Lopez is also playing for his future

An adventure with many lows and some highs. This is how we can define it as the season of Maxime Lopez with the Fiorentina shirt. The midfielder arrived at the court of Vincenzo Italiano in the summer transfer window with the loan formula with right of redemption. The player’s performances in the purple shirt were not very convincing given that he was used on 29 occasions between the various competitions and often during the match in progress. Which is why there would be little intention in the Viola Park area to exercise the option.

Category uncertainty for Sassuolo
Meanwhile, the first discriminating factor is the category in which Sassuolo will play next year. As reported in today’s edition of Gazzetta dello Sportthe Viola will have to pay 9 million euros into the Neroverdi coffers for the redemption, too much according to the management but a possible relegation of the Emilians could change the cards on the table.

A season finale to change the future
The other is player performance. The midfielder born in 1997 in fact has this season finale at his disposal to be able to change Fiorentina’s mind. Five championship matches plus the Conference League semi-final. Nothing is written yet but Maxime Lopez’s future lies in the hands of…Maxime Lopez.