Venice, Vanoli and promotion: “We have a dream. We don’t feel the pressure”

Paolo VanoliVenezia coach, spoke to Sky Sports after the very important victory against Cremonese, with the comeback in the second half after the 0-1 in the first: “We were facing a strong team and they showed it. In the first half we lacked clarity and we felt this match too much. In the second half we came back to do what we know and we managed to turn the game around. Congratulations to my team.”

The fans pushed you: the relationship with the team is crazy.
“I told my boys that they managed to carry the fans and now they carry us. We played a great match against a strong team.”

Can the transfer rumors about your players put pressure on the team?
“We have no pressure, we are humble and we move forward. We are second, we are waiting for Como and we have a dream. The journey is pleasing and everything is the result of what we have done on the pitch. The players have understood that work leads to great results, let’s continue like this.”

Vanoli’s report card from TMW in tonight’s match between Venezia and Cremonese.
Paolo Vanoli 7 – He gets the changes right by inserting Bjarkason, who proves decisive. The team plays good football and shows character by overturning the result. For one evening, they tied Como to second place.