Tottenham, Postecoglou on Udogie’s injury: “A disappointment, we will miss him”

Ange Postecogloucoach of Tottenhamspoke at a press conference on the eve of the match against Arsenal, speaking about the fans who want to prevent the Gunners from winning the Premier League: “It’s quite fair. I won’t dictate how our fans feel and what they think is important. We understand the The importance of the match and we understand the importance of being at home in these types of matches to not let our biggest rival win in the biggest derby for us. We understand the consequences of this, but in the end it is about trying to measure ourselves with the teams we want to win and doing it on Sunday is a great opportunity.”

Udogie’s season is over. How did you receive it?
“It’s a disappointment for Destiny and also for ourselves. He was an important part of our year. He was unlucky, he had a problem in training. He had the operation, it went well, so hopefully this gives him time to return to the pre-season.”

Back on the pitch after a long break. The last match played dates back to April 13th.
“It’s unusual not to have any games, especially when there’s quite a bit of football going on. We’ve tried to use that time as best we can. We’ve trained hard. The players, to be fair to them, have accepted, but we can’t wait to play, that’s for sure.”

Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool. Three tough opponents in the next three games.
“Every time you are on the pitch there is a chance to measure yourself. I have a good idea of ​​where we are, what progress we have made and what we need to do. It’s another big challenge for us. We have three important matches and we finish the season with three more games: they are all important games for us and for the opponents, so I think the players are looking forward to it at this time of year and certainly the games we will be involved in will all have something in them,. so we’re looking forward to it.”