Torchia: “Allegri, objective 90% achieved. If Juve had played the match Real Madrid had with City…”


People Davide Torchia spoke exclusively to the microphones of during the usual column The agent’s voice. This is his comment on Juventus’ season and, more particularly, on Mr. Allegri’s work: “In this moment of total reorganization we always start from the economic bases, from the sustainability of the club. We must try not to spend a lot and this is where it gets stuck the figure of the coach, who is asked to achieve certain results: to return to the Champions League and reach at least the Italian Cup final, as well as the Club World Cup with the consequent new entries. To get there, young people are valorised that was asked of Mister Allegri, the objective is 90% achieved and therefore the coach has done his job fully.”

And what do you say to those who criticize Juventus’ play??
“We must not forget that football is made by the fans, who want their team to win. This is fundamental. Think of the match that Ancelotti’s Real Madrid played against Guardiola’s Manchester City. If Allegri’s Juve had done it … And instead i blancos just like that they reached the semi-final of the Champions League.”

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