The Scariolo fan: “Inter, what a joy the second star is. I hope the third arrives soon too”

During an interview with Tuttosport, Sergio ScarioloItalian excellence in the world of basketball and current coach of Spain, spoke of his Inter, Italian champions in the derby against their cousins ​​Milan: “A good feeling. It’s precisely the case to say: “Not for everyone”, for an important goal, which has been pursued for a long time and which has finally arrived. And a gateway to the new challenge, if another 58 years passed for the third star I would not see it coming sooner the club is based on the solidity of the corporate structure, the quality of the choices. For age, balance, coach and so on, I think the streak can be extended. Sport teaches that when you are in a good moment, you have to squeeze the lemon to the maximum.”

The scudetto arrived against Milan.
“It’s more for teasing between friends than anything else. It’s always nicer to win titles at home. Clearly there’s that pinch of ironic meaning, rather than mockery, which however between Inter and Milan is quite playful, it doesn’t have too poisonous tones.”