Spinazzola talks about the 18 minutes plus recovery in Udine: “We knew we had to go in at two thousand”

“It was complicated to prepare for it, I’m very sincere. We wanted this victory, we could have done even better but we’re happy for Ndicka, this stadium reminded us of that episode and we have to thank all the citizens of Udine. We’re happy and we’re moving forward.” So he spoke Leonardo Spinazzolato the microphones of DAZNafter Udine’s victory achieved last night in 18 minutes plus injury time thanks to Cristante’s late goal: “The feeling is that we could have won the match but it was tough, 20′ is a short time and it’s difficult to understand how to approach. Now we have to continue because we have 8 super important games.”

What is the approach for 20 minutes?
“We knew we had to go in at two thousand, but we were aware that they would attack and we had to keep a balance, we risked once but I think it was offside. It went well.”

Exciting season finale.
“We can’t manage all this, luckily we’ve been used to playing each other a lot every year for a few years, how can we manage it? Now let’s think about Napoli and Leverkusen, we have to win them all.”