Spezia, D’Angelo: “Hristov is there but he needs to be evaluated. Let’s not think about the results of the others”

“The team trained well this week, tomorrow we will try to play a great match. They are all available. Cassata is obviously missing, as well as Muhl, but the others are available. We need to evaluate Hristov, who will be among the twenty players.” So Luca D’AngeloSpezia coach, spoke at a press conference on the eve of the match against Brescia.

“We have to think about what we can influence, that is, our games. We can’t do anything about other people’s games, we have to do our games well from now until the end. It won’t be easy, we’re facing a strong team that is doing very well. We will need a strong Spezia.”

Who’s in attack tomorrow?
“We have Verde, Falcinelli, Moro, Pio Esposito, Di Serio, they are all well and can play, we’ll see whether from the start with two strikers or during the match. With the changes everything becomes important. They all train very well, they give me availability playing time and no one argues when he plays less. Verde is very important for us, whether he takes over or starts.”

What does he ask of his midfielders?
“What I ask of Salvatore Esposito and Nagy is what I ask of all the midfielders. Now we will have many games in a few days and since we have players like Kouda, Di Serio, Reca who have had serious muscle injuries we have to be careful. Jagiello last month It wasn’t very good, we’ll have to be careful to field who is better, regardless of Esposito or Nagy, we need the whole squad. Reca can have playing time because he’s doing well, Elia plays well on the right or left and we’ll see where to put him.”

Had you been contacted by Brescia before Spezia?
“Brescia have hired a very good coach and a very good person. I feel good at Spezia, I’m happy to coach him and that’s fine”, his words reported by Cittadellaspezia.com.