Schmidt in the balance: “If Rui Costa thinks I don’t represent the best for Benfica I will accept it”

There is also one of the coaches of the most important clubs in Europe in the balance for next season Roger Schmidt of Benfica. In addition to the results on the field which have left us unsatisfied, there is also the difficult environmental situation of the coach who has practically broken with the fans of the Lisbon club. For this reason it is possible that a separation will occur at the end of the season.

Schmidt, linked in any case to Benfica by a contract until 2026, also focused on the future today in the press conference: “If at the end of the season I am not the best coach for Benfica, despite my good relationship with president Manuel Rui Costa, if we get to that point where the president believes it would be better if I were no longer part of Benfica, I will do so and accept the decision.”

“What I see on a daily basis – continues the former Bayer Leverkusen player – is that there is a lot of support for Benfica and that many fans appreciate what we have done. I have said several times that it is normal for there to be criticism of Benfica, it is normal highlighting the negative things, it’s part of football when we talk about fans, we’re talking about a small minority who throws objects at Benfica, the rest don’t.”