Ratio of earnings/points won: Corvino’s Lecce comes first. Then Bologna

The newspaper ‘Il Secolo XIX’ on newsstands today has drawn up a special ranking relating to the relationship between the squad’s wages and the points collected so far in the championship. This figure is obtained by dividing the total gross salary by the number of points won to date. In this special tournament of the virtuous, which rewards the clubs that have managed in the best way to negotiate the salaries of the players but also to enhance them, Lecce is first (2.39 points per million euros spent on wages). The company managed by Pantaleo Corvino is ahead of Bologna (1.98) and Hellas Verona (1.37).

The salary-points ratio – we read – is a precious indicator of the health of a company. The Apulian team is the one with the lowest salary in Serie A: 14 million and 650 thousand euros, with a cost of 418,571 euros per point.
Behind Lecce is Giovanni Sartori’s Bologna, a true revelation of the championship, one step away from qualifying for the Champions League. Hellas Verona managed by Sean Sogliano on the lowest step of the podium, then Genoa whose sporting director is Marco Ottolini.

And the big ones? All or almost all on the right side of the ranking. The best is Atalanta, sixth in the standings. Then there is Milan thirteenth, followed by Inter, Lazio, Napoli, Roma and Juventus, teams that occupy – in this order – all the positions from 15th to 19th. Salernitana brings up the rear.