Pro Vercelli, sporting director Casella: “We went beyond expectations. May? For now only polls”

TMW Radio

Alex Casellasports director of Pro Vercelli, spoke to the microphones of TMW Radio during the transmission To All C. Among the many topics touched on, the manager of the Piedmontese club talks about the next match against Virtus Verona, a decisive match for access to the playoffs, and about the season Matthew Maythe jewel of the attack which has scored 12 goals this season.

How did you get to the match against Virtus Verona?
“For us it’s right to start from the beginning, we saved ourselves on the last day in Lecco and it was a difficult summer after a negative season. The ownership has established a clear guideline to focus even more on young people and save us easily. Up until January things went very well, credit goes to coach Andrea Dossena and all of his staff who allowed us to finish in fourth place at the end of the first round, going beyond our wildest expectations. We didn’t win for two months between February and March, but this still allowed us to easily reach our goal. We are now fighting for a position between eighth and eleventh place which is what belongs to us. Fortunately we are in a territorial area with many players and few teams, with painstaking work in the youth sector we always manage to bring 2-3 players into the first team. We have been able to do this continuously for 4 years, that is, since I have been here, launching these young players and then selling them. The next step will be to try to retain these young people. The Marani project aims at this, perhaps increasing the bonus for the playing time so as to give more stability to continuity also for the future”.

Did you expect the season that May had? Has it already been requested?
“Matteo certainly went beyond expectations, Mustacchio also went there who is a player with much more experience. They are helped and rewarded by Dossena’s proactive play. Matteo managed to complete this growth cycle, he is a boy from the youth sector who first played in Serie D, then at Fermana with less pressure and this year he took a further step. There have been some contacts, but for now they are only meetings. Then when the ball stops we’ll see what will happen, but Matteo certainly has important numbers that few people have in Serie C at his age.”

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