Pineto, Della Quercia: “Lorenzo is an example. Beating Pescara was magical”

TMW Radio

Riccardo Della QuerciaPineto’s full-back, spoke on the A Tutta C broadcast on TMW Radio, to talk about his season and that of his team, which achieved salvation: “We are very happy to have already found salvation in our group at first year among professionals”.

In February the coach changed for Pineto, with the arrival of Roberto Beni. Della Quercia commented: “We had a few weeks to settle in, but then we gelled well and achieved our objective in a difficult group.” Beating Pescara, for an Abruzzo native like him, was special: “I went to that stadium to cheer and watching matches in major leagues, so winning on their pitch was a huge satisfaction. I still have shivers, also because for us it should have been a home match, but due to logistical problems we played the derby on their pitch and won it. A magical moment.”

No name to name for Della Quercia, the great season belongs to the whole team: “The whole group was up to the task, it’s difficult to name names. Volpicelli gave us a great hand with the 11 goals, but even those who came off the bench were always ready.”

Finally, a few words about the player who inspires him: “Di Lorenzo from Napoli, last year he was more in the opponent’s area than in his own. This year the whole team has dropped off, but this does not cancel out the great journey on an individual level that he has made, completing his entire apprenticeship and starting from scratch to become captain of the Italian champion team