Mirri returns to RFV on the Viola defeat in the Italian Cup: “Biraghi should have fouled Lookman”

The former Fiorentina defender, Roberto Mirrispoke to Radio FirenzeViola during the broadcast “Palla al Centro”. These are his words starting from the defensive phase of Italiano’s formation: “In my opinion, Fiorentina too often finds themselves having to chase their opponents face to face at their own goal. This exposes you to managing the situation in a less comfortable way. I don’t think Italiano wants defend like this, but probably the team’s play leads to defending like this”

How do you judge Milenkovic’s negative period?
“It could all be a series of things, there’s a season like that. There can always be individual errors. Even in the episode of the expulsion on Wednesday he ran behind the opponent and tried to catch the ball. It could have been managed in another way, but if he had taken the ball it would have been a great intervention. Sometimes the limit is thin to talk about, the problem is that when you are there it’s a fraction of a second and you don’t make a decision. but the gesture comes to you automatically based on the situations you have experienced and experienced. In my opinion the situation of the third goal is more serious.”

Could Fiorentina have been more cautious about the third goal?
“In extra time they can commit a foul and be left with 10 men, you never know what can happen. Going forward with so many of them with a team that is good at attacking depth like Atalanta is not very prudent. These situations can be managed differently from the coach, but also from the players on the pitch.”

Should Biraghi have fouled Lookman?
“Yes, he should have managed it differently. The action must be stopped even at the cost of getting a card. But even there they are fast situations and with tiredness there can be many things that make you lose clarity.”