Lo Monaco to RFV: “It’s not good for Fiorentina to know that Italiano will leave at the end of the season”

The sports director Pietro Lo Monaco spoke to “Viola Amore Mio” on Radio FirenzeViola of current events at Fiorentina. These are his declarations, starting from the Italian Cup defeat against Atalanta: “Wednesday’s elimination was in order, the Italiano’s team challenged one of the most in-form opponents in the championship. And with great individuality. It wasn’t easy to prevail in Bergamo. It’s understandable that I’m disappointed about how certain moments of the match were experienced, but Fiorentina is doing what they can, at least according to the potential of their team at the end of the season the coach will leave.”

Was it a mistake to expose yourself?
“A little yes. When you have moments like this, the practice is exactly the opposite, that is, giving the team a signal by strengthening the coach’s position. If instead you do the opposite, even unconscious situations arise in which the application is not the Having said that, the players are professionals and should be able to accept certain market dynamics.”