Lecco, Malgrati: “Let’s go to Parma and compete, great victory in the first leg”

Andrea Malgrati, coach of Lecco, spoke at a press conference on the eve of the match against Parma. These are his words reported by leccochannelnews.it: “Let’s go there and play it. We want to put on a great performance.”

A beautiful victory in the first leg
“Winning at home against Parma was one of the best results, I remember the match well and the very strong emotions. It felt like being in a stadium for thirty thousand people, everything echoes here: pleasant, but that is in the past and we have to do our best possible. Parma then and now? Two completely different stories.”

The match against Venezia?
“We saw it again like many other professionals, who complimented it. I want to see that team again and propose that football again, coming out to applause despite the defeat was the goal I set for myself.”

Can Buso reach double figures?
“I don’t know what he will do, I wish him the best. Everyone has an objective, it’s not easy to combine personal ones with team ones. He has understood how to adapt to the category, he has improved a lot in the defensive phase and he will take that baggage everywhere; he’s learned to detach himself from the defense, with the ball at his feet you don’t move him: he still has a lot to do like other young people I’ve seen well; they have to think about themselves and do what’s good for the team.”

Your journey with Lecco?
“The year was incredible, I grew up quickly within this suffering. The season began with an uphill battle, an agony: we got out of it, then there was what happened and the annoyance remains. The past is the past, will it remain so bitter in the mouth if we don’t manage to reach the goal Bonazzoli spoke of regret, when you’re there on the bench it’s tough and personally I know what it means to live it as a Lecco fan from the coach and when you are helpless it becomes difficult: in football you never lose, you learn.”

The situation of the injured?
“Inglese had a problem with his buttock and won’t be there. In addition to him, Beretta and Listkowski will be missing, while Lamanna has undergone surgery. Louakima? He’s fine, if I manage to reward those who have been here training without playing I’ll be happy to do so.”