Lazio, Tudor: “Tomorrow’s points are fundamental. Zaccagni only from the bench”

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1.45pm – At 2 pm the Biancoceleste coach Igor Tudor will present tomorrow evening’s match against Hellas Verona at the Stadio Olimpico in a press conference. Follow the live text on TUTTOmercatoWEB

2.00 pm – Igor Tudor’s press conference has begun

How did the team recover from the match against Juventus?
“Let’s see today, we did two days of training. We have a day of training to prepare for a super important race, it is the most difficult race because it closes a cycle of many races in a few days. We can’t make mistakes, all the points are important and tomorrow we need to score points.”

How are the injured?
“I have to evaluate the injured people today, some have recovered, others are halfway there, so we’ll see what today’s training tells us.”

What match are you expecting?
“Verona is a tough team and on track, tomorrow will be super difficult for us. For their position in the standings it is important, in Italy the matches are all difficult. Verona was an important stage for me like the others I have experienced in my career. In this job you grow step by step, I started coaching thirteen years ago and I have grown in all my adventures, since the beginning with the students of Hajduk Split”.

After a month in Lazio, what is the biggest difficulty and what satisfies you the most?
“There is no greater difficulty, the difficulties are always linked to the few days of training and the knowledge of the team which is still missing. The good thing is the disposition of the players, I found them all very willing to not make any mistakes. In this month Nothing went wrong in training.”

Were you surprised by the way the team played on Tuesday?
“No, not surprised. I don’t regret anything about this month, now I can’t say that we had a great game on Tuesday unlike the first victory over Juve. For me, the first victory is better between the two, achieved with 5-6 training sessions and without For me the first one was more difficult, but the important thing is always the path you are taking. We talk about tactics, about numbers, but the thing we need to work on every day is the mentality, from training to attitudes. match”.

Does Cristante’s goal reduce the hopes of fifth place?
“I didn’t see the match yesterday, right now all the points are important. We can’t influence the other matches, there’s no point thinking about it and losing energy. The energy must be spent on our team and our matches.”

Do you have any regrets about the first leg semi-final in Turin?
“I don’t agree on which match we played better, there are always regrets. I also regretted yesterday’s training, it’s always right to criticize and self-criticize. I’m aware of all the mistakes made this month, it helps me to improve understanding where we went wrong. It’s like the general in war, we always need to do an analysis and understand what happened, there are many things that affect performance and the result, the key is the time we use to grow.”

What room for improvement can Castellanos have? Can he play together with Immobile?
“You can see them together in a small moment of the match where you have to recover the result, sometimes more players who have goals in their legs help to score, but sometimes putting all the attackers doesn’t mean being more dangerous. Maybe if you haven’t worked on this solution you can’t be dangerous.”

Is Pellegrini behind his teammates? Can he play tomorrow?
“Pelle trains well, he’s been out with an injury and others have done well while he wasn’t there. He could play, he could not play, he has the same chances as everyone else.”

How do you see Zaccagni?
“Zaccagni can play as a wide forward, he can play as a winger. As a fifth player yes or no, he can struggle because he has to sacrifice a lot. He can also play behind the striker, for us he is an important player and we have missed him a lot. He has shown his importance in the years spent at Lazio, he can give us an important hand, he will play from the start, but he can come on from the bench.”

Is the team growing in terms of mentality?
“Everyone sees the mentality in a different way, the mentality is part of something that is even more important and we talk about values. Values ​​that a coach wants to convey, to which are added aggression, wickedness and the desire to always do something more. These values ​​are important not only in football but in all sports. Footballers are first and foremost men.”

Have you set the Champions League as your objective?
“I haven’t set any ranking objectives and neither has the club. The objective is to do well in all the matches, usually there are important differences between the teams, but at the end of the season the difference disappears. I know if it’s easier to face Verona who have to save themselves or a team fighting for Europe.”

Your opinion on Mandas?
“Mandas is doing well, I always say that when a goalkeeper doesn’t make mistakes that lead to you conceding goals he’s doing well. We chose to build slightly less from the bottom so as not to put him in difficulty and risk less, he always responded very well” .

How do you interpret the team’s racing data?
“The data must always be interpreted in the best possible way, there is the volume of running and then there are the individual duels. In our football there is much more duel, I think there is also more intensity than before, where there is it was more volume which is equally important.”

What did you like most tactically and what needs to be improved after a month in Lazio?
“It will take more time to talk about it, from a tactical point of view I liked everything, I liked the tactical interpretation of the team.”

Is there a chance to see Isaksen for a few more minutes?
“We will evaluate Felipe today, yesterday he ran in sneakers, he suffered a knock and he is a fundamental player for us. Isaksen trains very well, he is a player who is always focused and we will see him at work today.”

2.20pm – Igor Tudor’s press conference has ended