Lanzafame has no doubts: “Conte is the ideal coach for a Napoli in the reconstruction phase”

TO Radio CRC he spoke during the program “Si Gonfia la Rete” today Davide Lanzafamecoach and former footballer trained by Mister Antonio Conte at Bari. These are his declarations on the possible future of the Apulian coach at Napoli: “Conte is the right man to relaunch the Azzurri. I feel like saying it in a decisive way, but not only to Napoli. It would also be an added value for the others in Serie A. Napoli is in a reconstruction phase which he is very good at. In Bari we played with a 4-man defense with Conte In addition to the technical-tactical aspect, he has motivational values ​​that go beyond the role of a coach. He is good at managing the group and bringing all the players to a very high level of performance and it is not for everyone both in training and from a psychological point of view. When he sees that a player isn’t following him, he makes his choices clearly without looking at their age or names.”

Still on Conte, Lanzafame then added: “Conte has an incredible demand, he works on details, sometimes he makes himself hated, but the player knows that he is bringing out the best and is forging. I stopped two years ago and I must say that sometimes the player, myself included, is superficial. Sarri, Spalletti and Conte are among the best coaches in Italy and in the world, they have the common characteristic of looking at the details I follow him with great affection because he was the coach, together with Materazzi, who launched me into the professional world, part of the credit goes to him.