Gaburro: “I remember Belotti with me at Albinoleffe: always an example to follow”

TMW Radio

Marco Gaburroformer coach of, among others, Olbia and Rimini, spoke on TMW Radio in the program A Tutta C, first answering the question about which promotion he achieved in his career that remained in his heart more than the others: ” Ah, it is very difficult to make a ranking and it would be ungenerous towards the routes, which had peculiar characteristics that make them – for me – all worthy of remembering. Perhaps the most unexpected promotion came in Rimini; given that the following year we even reached the Play-Offs in Serie C (exited in the first round, against Pontedera, ed.) I have wonderful memories of guys who gave everything for the cause in level and difficult groups. to face.”

During his time in Rimini Gaburro pitched Marietta, today at Albinoleffe, with the goalkeeper finding a lot of space. Space for memories of the goalkeeper and the adventure in Romagna for Gaburro: “A great goalkeeper, born in 2002, he deserves all the professional growth that has become evident in the news. Not just him from that Rimini, I remember with great pleasure”.

On the Albinoleffe bench the coach had to deal with some players who later became very important professionals. This is Gaburro’s thought: “You are referring to Valori and Belotti, I imagine (laughs, ed.). What can I say. Valoti had truly unique characteristics. Many, not just me, think that in the end he only partially achieved the results which were typical of such a refined technique. Nothing to say about Gallo, the career he has had speaks for itself. In recent years he has always had to recover from major injuries, but to see the caliber of the boy it is enough to look at the comments he produces technicians who train him: in terms of professionalism and seriousness, he is certainly an example to follow. And he was like that even when he was a boy, if I may. So yes, I consider myself lucky to have trained such strong kids and I think I have given my contribution to him time for their growth.”