Frosinone, Di Francesco: “For what has been done in recent months it is a deserved victory”

“It’s a deserved victory. Not only for today’s match, but for the period we are living in. I see commitment, dedication and attachment to the shirt from everyone, we were aware of the importance of what was at stake and we managed to add three fundamental points for our ranking. With this game system we are managing to enhance the characteristics of the highest quality players, among these I would like to mention Brescianini who comes from Serie B and who needed time to express himself to the fullest. He is one of those who has grown more, has incredible humility and has understood that daily work always brings the desired results. It’s also pleasing for Soulè, he was involved in the game from start to finish, making himself available to his teammates he would be presented on the spot with personality after the mistake in Napoli.

However, it is mentally that the team is giving me satisfaction. I’ll give the example of Zortea: sometimes he got hurt because, despite not being at the top, he wanted to participate in every single training session. The Salerno area? It’s part of life and sport, it can happen and the important thing is knowing how to get back up. At the start of the match I went to say hello to Colantuono, who was one of my coaches, but also Fazio and Manolas with whom I shared wonderful moments during my experience in Rome. On the field we showed that we have something more. Now on to the next challenges, the mental aspect always makes the difference and we are all focused on achieving an objective that we deserve.” These are the words of the Frosinone coach to DAZN Eusebio Di Francesco.