From Rome to Florence, this is how Osvaldo tries to put the ordeal of the last few months behind him

Daniel Pablo Osvaldo he is in Italy and, after a few days in Rome, he is in Florence also and above all to hug his daughters. In this Italian parenthesis of about a month, the former striker will also visit the other cities to which he has tied his career, going to visit the Argentinians who play there today. So, after the usual photos with Dybala and Paredes (among others), Osvaldo will certainly also take them with the Argentinians of Fiorentina and will be able to do so at Viola Park, but above all at Franchi where he will be on Sunday for the match against Sassuolo.

Osvaldo – writes – fortunately he seems to have overcome the health problems reported via social media by Argentina, showing all his fragilities and insecurities just a few weeks ago. Now the ’86 class appears serene and smiling and eager to retrace the stages of his career backwards, in the hope that this journey will be like the reverse in Turin never forgotten by the Viola fans.

Here he is at Viola Park following the Fiorentina Primavera match: