Feralpisalò, Zaffaroni: “A dirty match against Cittadella, we must remain calm”

Marco Zaffaroni, Feralpisalò coach, spoke at a press conference on the eve of the match against Cittadella. These are his words reported by Brescia newspaper: “It’s a very important match, but we have to remain calm as much as possible, otherwise we risk not expressing ourselves at our best. Clearly we need the victory, because this time the result is fundamental. We need conviction, cynicism, determination and quality, characteristics that the team has already demonstrated that it has along this path. However, they will have to be amplified, because the moment is decisive and you really can’t go wrong.”

It won’t be a good match from a technical point of view: “I foresee a lot of fighting and a lot of dirty balls: the match will be decided there. Cittadella has a very specific identity and is a consolidated reality in this category. It has had a decline in this last period, but it can still make the play offs and has with a clear head. As for the training, Di Molfetta, Tonetto and Manzari are missing. Then there will be some players to evaluate, including Martella. The important thing is to always keep the level of training high the best. However, I am confident, because those who have been called into question have always responded.”