Female Spain, a documentary denounces the abuse of former coach Quereda: “Fat girl, lose weight”

In Spain the Spanish national team is a flagship, it also won the World Cup a year ago, but throughout history it has been at the center of various controversies, especially internal, due to the treatment that was reserved for various female footballers and not just female footballers . Beatriz Álvarezpresident of the Spanish Women’s League, True Boqueteformer captain of the national team and Fiorentina footballer, e Ana Muñozformer vice president for integrity of the Spanish Football Federation, are three of the dozens of women interviewed and they all condemned the humiliating treatment they received from Luis Rubiales, the former federal president now under investigation and already accused of sexism, and from former coaches Jorge Vilda and Ignacio Quereda.

The latter would have exaggerated, as made known by a documentary by RTVE. Nacho Quereda he was coach of the national team from 1988 to 2015, a period that lasted 27 years and which presents many more shadows than lights. The Madrilenian was the predecessor of Jorge Vilda, who took office in 2015, who said goodbye to the national team last summer.

Quereda has turned the careers of some players into hell. In Spain he is accused of having criticized the players more than once for their physical appearance. “So you can’t come to the national team, fat girl. Lose weight. You can’t even run. What you need is a chilli pepper in the ass”, is one of the phrases reported by Brand in a focus on this documentary and in general on the national topic. Furthermore, the former Levante and Atlético Madrid player, among others, reveals Quereda’s power and influence in the Federation: “He had no retaliation from anyone, he managed women’s football. If you had confronted him you would have been out “.