Does Cristante’s goal reduce the hopes of 5th place? Tudor: “There’s no point in thinking about it and losing energy”

Championship eve for Lazio, awaiting tomorrow’s match at the Olimpico against Hellas Verona. The Biancoceleste coach Igor Tudorin the press conference, spoke about the match like this: “Verona is a tough team and on the ball, tomorrow will be super difficult for us. For their position in the standings it is important, in Italy the matches are all difficult. Verona was an important stage for me like the others I have experienced in my career, we grow step by step, I started coaching thirteen years ago and I have grown in all my adventures, since the beginning with the students of Hajduk Split” .

Does Cristante’s goal reduce the hopes of fifth place? “I didn’t see the match yesterday, right now all the points are important. We can’t influence the other matches, there’s no point thinking about it and losing energy. The energy must be spent on our team and our matches.”

Have you set the Champions League as your objective?
“I haven’t set any ranking objectives and neither has the club. The objective is to do well in all the matches, usually there are important differences between the teams, but at the end of the season the difference disappears. I know if it’s easier to face Verona who have to save themselves or a team fighting for Europe.”

What room for improvement can Castellanos have? Can he play together with Immobile?
“You can see them together in a small moment of the match where you have to recover the result, sometimes more players who have goals in their legs help to score, but sometimes putting all the attackers doesn’t mean being more dangerous. Maybe if you haven’t worked on this solution you can’t be dangerous.”

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