Di Gennaro to RFV: “Fiorentina, the mentality is right, concreteness is missing”

Interviewed by colleagues from Radio Firenzeviola, Antonio Di Gennaro commented on the moment of the Viola team coached by Vincenzo Italiano at the end of the season: “If you give Atalanta the pitch, they will kill you. They have the best Italian coach at the moment, it is normal that you can pay against a team that has inserted all the strikers and offensive players available.

The Viola lack real players, when Arthur, Nico, Milenkovic are absent, Fiorentina faces these results. And he had also adjusted it to 2-1, then he conceded those goals. But the mentality is right, the lack of concreteness in these races weighs heavily. Then 4-1 becomes a heavy result, Lookman was left too much of the pitch.”

At the end of the match, would he have defended the choice of the throw-in, as Italiano did?
“A mentality that he has. In difficult moments the new generation of coaches is not used to doing anything else. But there are moments during the match that can be managed differently. They are the philosophies of a coach who remains like this until the end. However, there is still the Conference and the championship which offers other places for the European cups. It is up to Italiano to keep the team calm, because there are still two objectives to achieve