Dazn takes the Bundesliga to court: the League refused to assign the rights for package B

DAZN bring the Bundesliga in court. According to what was reported by Bild, by next Tuesday the streaming platform will appeal to an arbitration court against the failure to assign television rights to the platform itself. This should therefore clarify whether the DFL correctly rejected the contract for package B with 196 Bundesliga games (season 2025/26 to 2028/29).

“In view of the DFL’s failure to respond to our complaint regarding the illegitimate assignment of the B rights package, Dazn will take legal action to obtain the assignment of the package”, said a spokesperson for the broadcaster in question, thus announcing that he would take legal action legal channels.

Dazn’s goal is to win package B and, therefore, to have the possibility of broadcasting 196 Bundesliga matches from the 2025/26 season to the 2028/29 season. If this is not the case, all cases will be examined, as a spokesperson confirms: “The legal process can last years, starting with a case before an arbitral tribunal and possibly through several applications before the German civil courts, possibly with the involvement of the European Court of Justice”.