Cittadella, Gorini: “Decisive point with Feralpisalò. Cassano is well, Salvi to be evaluated”

Edoardo Gorini, Cittadella coach, spoke at the press conference on the eve of the match against Feralpisalò. These are his words reported by “Decisive point? Definitely. Feralpisalò did better away from home, they have a very profitable way of playing.”

Are you thinking about any changes from the module point of view?
“With the 3-man defense we are a little more solid and that’s what we wanted after the run of negative results. We managed to get what we wanted. The objective is to win, we have to continue to create opportunities. Don’t give points of reference to level of tactical system is positive. Against Ascoli the heat affected our aggressiveness, while against Südtirol we only dropped in the second half and we were against the wind. The important thing is to maintain our attitude for as many minutes as possible, the objective is to do so in the next four games. Let’s think about winning, so we can save ourselves mathematically. Then we’ll see what happens on the other pitches. Feralpi is dangerous, I fear them a lot.”

“They shut down and start again, they are definitely not a slow team. They have won five times away, they are very dangerous. It will depend on us, as always. It is not a simple match, then we will think about Como, Bari and Cremonese. It takes great humility and respect.”

Injured players?
“We’re the ones from Bolzano, there’s no big news. Negro is a little behind, while Salvi I’m considering whether to bring him. I don’t know if it’s worth risking him, taking into account that we’re playing Como on May 1st.”

“He expresses himself very well in that position, tactically he is very intelligent and has the technique to do very well. Maybe tomorrow I will add an extra striker, but Tessiore is an extra weapon at our disposal. Cassano is fine, he is an alternative in more like all our offensive players. I have a choice up front, then in relation to the opponents I lean towards one solution or another. It’s a doubt I carry towards the match against the Brescians.”

“He has to try more for the shot. There’s no such thing as bad luck, the important thing is to be convinced, trying and trying again. I hope for the classic goal from the ex.”