Catanzaro, Vivarini: “We need to raise intensity and malice. Happy with the point”

The coach of Catanzaro Vincenzo Vivarini he spoke in the press conference at the end of the drawn match on the Pisa pitch. Below are his statements reported by “It was a good match, we found an opponent who was never tamed and with high aggression. At the moment we need these types of matches because we have to raise intensity and malice. We were good at keeping up with a strong and well-organized team, they attacked us with great quality. However, we were careful and diligent because we knew we would find a match of this type. We were still happy with the point but we have to be honest and say that Pisa had many more opportunities than us. Now we have to work on this type of team and on teams that will push hard.”

Your team’s goals?
“The next matches will have this intensity and we will have to be good at playing under pressure, taking into account the need to improve. This match will set the tone.”