Calzona: “Now we can’t talk about objectives. We have the duty to finish as best we can…”

Did you have the feeling that there might be a reaction from the team? This is one of the questions asked at the press conference Francesco Calzonacoach of Naples that two days before the match against the Rome – match valid for the 34th matchday of Serie A – he responded thus: “So far we have created a lot but defended poorly, while the match in Empoli also showed some offensive problems and this worried me. I made this known to the boys, at the beginning of the week they were very dejected. We have a duty to work on the field and finish this championship in the best possible way, we owe it to the city. The training went quite well, we started subdued but today I saw that the right enthusiasm has also returned We have to take responsibility, it’s right that I take it first.”

Then in another passage he added: “I hope and hope that pride will come out, we are playing against a team that is doing very well and I expect a great match in terms of pride and motivation. Champions League objective? We have thrown away opportunities. At the moment we are not able to make plans, we have to think game after game and now we are also in a condition that does not allow us to be the sole architects of our future, it also depends on our opponents.”

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