Calzona: “All players must feel responsible, only 3 didn’t have space”

You and the club have taken responsibility, should the locker room also take it after your words? This is one of the questions asked at the press conference Francesco Calzonacoach of Naples that two days before the match against the Rome – match valid for the 34th matchday of Serie A – he responded thus: “Everyone, the players cannot help but consider themselves responsible, they are the ones who go on the pitch in the end. I make the choices based on what I see during the week, I feel that there are players sacrificed, but apart from three, Mazzocchi, Dendoncker and Natan the rest have had space, more than we think, so they must feel responsible and they have had the space to show off. I tell them this every day the first managers, me and them, the club was close to me, the president the same, he never had a negative impact, he takes an interest every day, he is very nice, polite and respectful with me, he asks me many things, but it’s normal for a head of a company.”

Then in another passage he added: “In Empoli I saw a lack of desire to win, we didn’t have a shot on target, we conceded two chances and it surprised me because it was the first time, with Frosinone we had created a lot by missing chances in the area, until Empoli I hadn’t had this feeling of lack of desire. From Empoli yes, before instead the lack of not conceding goals is not a question of tactics, but of attention, desire to go beyond the mistake and make a run not foreseen in training to recover the ball and save the game. team. We miss this, I never see the extra run-up, it’s not an excuse but I didn’t think there were any problems up to this point in this troubled season, but it doesn’t mean ending with this trend, we have to react, I’m not in it and I’m there. ‘I told the boys.’

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