Calzona: “After 2-3 days here I understood that there were more problems than expected”

In the event of access to the Europa League or Conference League, would you still consider your work positive? This is one of the questions asked at the press conference Francesco Calzonacoach of Naples that two days before the match against the Rome – match valid for the 34th matchday of Serie A – he replied thus: “In my opinion, it is wrong to make the comparison with Napoli last year which was something exceptional. We must make the comparison with Napoli this year, many things with we have improved the ball at our feet. We are the team that plays the most balls in the opponent’s area, we have increased ball possession even if it is sterile at times. I rely a lot on the numbers: they are clearly negative, we have conceded a lot of goals and It’s not good, this is something we have worse at the end of the year I judge my work by how far I have achieved and compared to what had been done previously.”

Then in another passage he added: “This team has problems, the President also said so. Something didn’t go right in the construction of the team, whoever arrived to replace Lozano, Kim or Elmas didn’t have much impact. It’s not all their fault, they are arrived in a very particular season. I expected to encounter fewer problems, but after 2-3 days here I realized that the problems were more extensive than I had expected.”

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