Bayern Munich, Rangnick is still far away: the coach has asked for two guarantees

Who will be the next manager of Bayern Munich? In Germany it is taken for granted that Thomas Tuchel he will leave at the end of the season, although there is a large colony of Bavarian fans who have organized a signature collection to confirm the current manager, in light of the qualification for the Champions League semi-finals.

In the meantime, however, the German club has already met a potential replacement: Ralf Rangnick. An interlocutory comparison, in which no one knows what progress has been made in the choice of the new coach. It’s the one who writes it Kickers, according to which the Bavarian management has not yet chosen and even the former Manchester United player himself has not given his definitive approval. Before giving it – we read – he would like to obtain guarantees from the point of view of the duration of the contract and also with regard to the improvement of the workforce.

Today in a press conference Tuchel expressed himself thus on the 12 thousand signatures collected by the fans for his confirmation: “Even if this topic does me ‘good’, because it is nice when the fans want you to stay, it is not a priority and it is not allowed it to be a priority. In the next 11 days we will only talk about football, nothing else. We want to do our best and collect as many points as possible in the Bundesliga to get the best result and reach the Champions League final. I don’t let it affect me. We just focus on counting every day to achieve our goals and there is no exception.”