Background Felipe Anderson, Al Shabab wanted him in Arabia: they asked for 10 million a year


Felipe Anderson has been dissolving his reservations about his future for several days now. The Brazilian attacking winger whose contract with La. is expiring Lazio he decided not to renew the contract with the Biancoceleste club, but also to reject Juventus’ advances to return to Brazil. He signed with Palmeirasa club with which he signed a contract valid until December 2027.

In recent months an Arab club has also made concrete moves for him. It is about theAl Shabab, a club that plays in the Saudi Pro League. During the negotiations that lasted a couple of months, the South American footballer never closed off the possibility of moving to Saudi Arabia, but at the same time made a decidedly important financial request: 10 million euros net per season.
After weeks of negotiations, however, the offer that Al Shabab was ready to present was of a different size: 5 million euros as a fixed portion plus the same amount in bonuses. A proposal very distant from the request of the Brazilian who, at that point, decided to no longer evaluate the Arab option. And to sign with Palmeiras.

Claudio Lotito recently expressed himself as follows on Felipe Anderson’s decision to return to Brazil: “He called me, reluctantly, despite having also had the reassurance of a future prospect, he made a family choice and I cannot reproach him for anything also because he assured me that he would give his best until the end of his experience at Lazio”.