Arsenal, Arteta: “Now we just have to compete. We can’t control what City does”

Mikel Artetatechnician ofArsenalon the eve of the match against Tottenham, spoke at the press conference: “It’s a big headache to choose the starting eleven. I feel sorry for the players, because I see how much they want it and how much everyone wants to start and contribute to the team and have impacting the team in the league in the right way, so it’s always difficult and it’s part of the job. They’re ready to come on the pitch, whenever we need them, to try to help us win games and the spirit is so good.”

What differences are there between preparing for the derby as a player and preparing for it as a coach?
“More motivation, if nothing else, you know what you can give to your people, which is a lot of joy and happiness if we can win the game. Obviously when you have the opportunity to do that and you have it in your hand, you really want to make the most of it to try to make it happen “.

Do you like Postecoglou?
“It’s really impressive what he’s done, it’s no surprise, I’ve known this since he was in the Australian national team, when he was in Japan, I followed Celtic and he’s always been very clear with the direction and the identity of how his team plays team, I love the way they play, so I think he was very good.”

You are still fighting for the title.
“I hope so, you have to prove in every season, in every match and in this championship, it is extremely difficult to do. For two years in a row we will not be satisfied if we don’t win, but we will do everything we can to win it and, if we win it, we will try to win it again, if we don’t, we’ll definitely try again.”

What will he tell the team?
“Enjoy the moment, try to handle things naturally. They’re super competitive right now. There’s one thing to do in this situation, compete, compete, compete. It’s a really good sign because we know what we’re going to have to do to win it and we have to raise the bar, every day in training to match it.”

How did you get to the match against Tottenham?
“For sure, we will be ready. We’ve had some time to recover and prepare from the Chelsea game and I’m sure their team will be fully ready to go again on Sunday.”

You will have to be perfect to win the Premier League.
“It’s another game that Manchester City managed to win convincingly, something we can’t control. We do what we have to do.”