Allegri and the Juventus of the future: “In August the objective will be to win the Scudetto again…”

At the press conference on the eve of the match against Milan, the Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri explained in more detail the importance, from his point of view, of qualifying for the next Champions League:

What is Juventus missing to fight for the Scudetto?
“The club and those who make the transfer market must answer this question. I am the coach and not the transfer market. We must remain focused on our Champions League objective. This would allow us to see Juventus in more competition and then there is the economic aspect that we must not forget. Now we must remain focused, because the teams behind us are scoring points. We must be good at playing a good game and winning again in the championship.”

How would you categorize your season with the Italian Cup victory?
“These are not my exploits but those of everyone. Of a strong club, of a strong team. When we are at Juventus everyone must have the ambition to win. Then if the others are better, we have to work to improve. For a club Italian team, the important thing is to qualify for the Champions League. Then we all like to win, but we have to try to get back into the Champions League because playing in many competitions is very nice. there will be more matches but it would be wonderful.”

Does the Champions League move that much?
“I’m a business person, I’m a coach on the pitch, but clubs today are companies. You have to achieve your objectives, especially in the Italian championship, participation in the Champions League will ruin your budget, it’s a question of numbers. The challenge in the Juventus years is to be competitive within sustainability, this will be a good challenge for Juventus because next August, when the championship starts again, they will set out to win. Then maybe it doesn’t happen, but for those who work at Juventus the ambition and objective must be to obtain the maximum result”.