…with Mariano Izco –

“Napoli must start from scratch, choose the coach and start from there.” Thus to TuttoMercatoWeb.com the former midfielder of – among others – Catania and Chievo, Mariano Izco.

Who for the Azzurri bench?
“Conte would be the most appropriate choice: he has the strength to take on a team like the
Naples. But he is used to competing and we should give him a high budget.”

Milan could also change.
“Milan still fought until the end. I don’t think he did too badly. When you do well they always ask you for more. In these places, however, you don’t have time: if you do well you’re number one, if the results don’t arrive then they criticize you.”

His ex Catania is struggling.
“The Cup victory masked everything that went wrong. It gave peace of mind but it was a lie. It would have been better not to win it. Today Catania is in difficulty, with this squad it is impossible to find ourselves in this situation. You’re Catania, you have twenty thousand people every match: you can’t do that.”

How should Catania restart?
“In the meantime we have to see what will happen. There must be changes, starting from a sporting director and doing things right. We need to do a deep analysis and plan from Catania.”

Salvation is at stake in Terni Franco Carboni.
“He is fighting for safety, he is growing and doing very well. She has a lot of room for improvement. I’m happy.
Next year he will return to Inter and we will evaluate what is best for him.”

He’s changing agents. Is the market turning on?
“He wants to save himself with Ternana and doesn’t think about anything else. Today he hasn’t signed with anyone yet, just like his brother Valentin.”