The sub-commissioner: “The stadium in Bagnoli is difficult, but the home of Napoli can be done”

The stadium in Bagnoli risks becoming a mirage, however Aurelio De Laurentiis and the Naples. For sure, it’s not a simple goal. It is to raise doubts Dino Falconiothe sub-commissioner appointed by the Government for the reclamation of the Bagnoli-Coroglio area, who spoke on Radio Mars: “In the meeting between Minister Fitto, mayor Manfredi and the president of SSC Napoli De Laurentiis, further investigations were arranged on the possibility of carrying out this undertaking. Faced with a new technical investigation I cannot anticipate the results, but I can say that there are strong urban planning, logistical, infrastructural and construction critical issues because we are in the middle of a seismic zone.

I have always indicated the logistical and infrastructural profile as the most serious critical issue to overcome not because they are unsolvable in the future but immediately or in the short term. To enter the territory of Bagnoli you have to pass two bottlenecks, namely Cavalleggeri D’Aosta, with Via Diocleziano which is already often blocked in itself, and Piazzetta Bagnoli on the other. The third entry route is the Coroglio descent. The connection system is therefore insufficient – currently only permitted by road and not by rail – because it does not reach the Bagnoli plain and it is an area without parking. However, if we think 10 years from now, we have different prospects for new infrastructures. An underpass should finally be built that will connect Bagnoli directly to the Agnano ring road junction, avoiding the entire town center underground. Furthermore, in the future there will be two metro stops and in general Smart transport should be strengthened.

It is necessary to distinguish between the construction of a stadium and that of a sports centre: from this last aspect I can say that there are very concrete margins that the home of Napoli could be built in Bagnoli because there are spaces that are already urbanistically intended for the Sports Park and which reach approximately 14 hectares. A substantial part of this former sports park is under negotiation for tennis but there is another portion, which corresponds more or less to the other half, which can be allocated to Naples football intended as a sports centre. The Paradiso centre, to which I am very attached, unfortunately has only one pitch while in Bagnoli there would be space available for new needs, with more pitches.”