Salvation race, calendars compared: Frosinone and Udinese, who cross at the last

L’Udinese remains in the relegation zone, and the race for salvation is played out point by point. It’s the story of A league, it will also be so in the five days remaining until the end of the championship. We remind you that in the event of a tie on points, direct clashes do not count but, as for the Scudetto, a possible play-off would be played. Practically certain, but not yet arithmetic, the relegation of the Salernitanawhich could arrive as early as tomorrow.

We tried to compare the calendars of the competing teams. For completeness we have included the Genoawhich however is very close to the arithmetic salvation in the top flight, as is the Lecce which currently has a reassuring lead of seven points. Thrilling match Frosinone-Udinese, currently tied for third-last, on the last day: if it ended like this, in the event of a draw they would then have to face each other again in the home and away matches. Away games are capitalized.

Genoa – 39 points

34th day: Cagliari
35th matchday: MILAN
36th matchday: Sassuolo
37th day: ROME
38th day: Bologna

Lecce – 35 points

34th day: Monza
35th day: CAGLIARI
36th matchday: Udinese
37th matchday: Atalanta
38th day: NAPLES

Cagliari – 32 points

34th day: GENOA
35th day: Lecce
36th matchday: MILAN
37th day: SASSUOLO
38th matchday: Fiorentina

Hellas Verona – 31 points

34th day: LAZIO
35th matchday: Fiorentina
36th day: Turin
38th matchday: Inter

Empoli – 31 points

34th matchday: ATALANTA
35th day: Frosinone
36th day: LAZIO
37th matchday: UDINESE
38th day: Rome

Udinese – 28 points

34th day: BOLOGNA
35th day: Naples
36th day: LECCE
37th day: Empoli
38th day: FROSINONE

Frosinone – 28 points

34th day: Salernitana
35th day: EMPOLI
36th matchday: Inter
37th day: MONZA
38th matchday: Udinese

Sassuolo – 26 points

34th matchday: FIORENTINA
35th matchday: Inter
36th day: GENOA
37th day: Cagliari
38th day: LAZIO

Salernitana – 15 points

34th day: FROSINONE
35th matchday: Atalanta
36th matchday: JUVENTUS
37th day: Hellas Verona
38th matchday: MILAN